I’m a visual artist living in Palermo, where I studied Painting and Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Art.
My work varies from collage to analogue photography.
I have two different approach to photography and pasting. To me photography is related to people I photograph. And to the intimate relation it involves. It is a narration of my life my thought and people I love.
That’s the reason why I like to use the film camera, because it’s closer to reality than digital. To me photography is my first communication, sometimes I think that my photos are the postcards without destination.
When I create a collages is different, I want to create the harmony with two different image. The result is a new image, with a new identity.
In 2013 I created the project “Oltre Me”, a social experiment based on correspondence between strangers.
I’m a founder of the “Zines Palermo” Festival.

Phôs Graphè